RTT® Live: Upgrade & Train With Marisa In a 5-Day LIVE In-Person Experience at Rushton Hall This February

PLUS! Get the Brand New RTT Accelerated Marketing Toolkit Module (a £1,500 Value) Free!

Our next RTT® Live experience is fast approaching, and Marisa is more excited than ever to train you in person, and this time, we have an incredible offer for you…

For a Limited Time Only!

All students or RTT® practitioners who sign up for the Rushton Hall event on the 6th-10th of February will receive the brand-new Accelerated Marketing Toolkit module (a £1,500 value) FREE!

Watch the video to get a glimpse of how profound and impactful these events can be.
Spots for Marisa's RTT® Live training fill up fast, and prices are going up from February 1st, 2023.
Click below to secure your space at the old 2022 price and claim this unmissable special offer—today!

Upgrade from RTT® Virtual Classroom to RTT® Professional Rushton

3x £1475

Upgrade from RTT® Online with Mentoring to RTT® Professional Rushton

3x £1950