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For the very first time, I’ll be getting candid about my path to becoming an internationally award-winning therapist and answering all of the questions you’ve been desperate to know.

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Join me on Thursday, June 17 at 19:00 BST for a super exciting webinar, where we’ll chat about the realities of becoming an RTT® therapist.
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The Truth About My Life as a Therapist


What life as an RTT® therapist is really like

Including what it’s like to give someone an RTT® session, the freedom and flexibility it can offer, and how it feels to see incredible breakthroughs unfold in front of you.

Why being a therapist is the most rewarding, purposeful, and fulfilling experience

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better career for me. I’ll share how I came to be a therapist, the challenges I faced when first starting out, and the qualities I believe make a truly wonderful therapist.

The secrets I used to get my first client and expand my client base exponentially

It’s not easy to stand out in a competitive field, but I’ll share how I managed to set myself apart and attract my dream clients.

Why training the next generation of RTT® therapists brings me so much joy

I’ll share what it’s like to train in person with me at our live events—the atmosphere, support, and transformations that happen over the course of five extraordinary days—and how you can be part of it.

The answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask me

A full 40 minutes will be dedicated to answering your questions. Send them to me in advance or save them for the day. We’ll fire through as many as we can!

What we’ll cover in the upcoming RTT® Live event in London...

And how you can still apply to train in-person with me this July.
Be sure to stay right until the end to hear all about a very exciting new opportunity...
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About Me, Marisa Peer


I’m fortunate enough to be an internationally award-winning qualified hypnotherapist with advanced certificates in hypnotherapy from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles. I’m proud to have completed additional studies in hypno-healing, advanced hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, and Gestalt analysis.

The result of over 30 years of careful and rigorous study, I’m thrilled to say that my Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ method has helped tens of thousands of people overcome their own challenges and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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What Leading Figures Have To Say

“Marisa is an extraordinary individual. She is one of the most powerful transformers of human belief I have ever come across. I immediately saw how these childhood models of reality were holding me back. When those beliefs were removed, massive changes occurred in my life. In just four months, I doubled my income."

- Vishen Lakhiani—Co-Founder and CEO of MindValley

“Marisa is a fantastic therapist. I always acknowledge Marisa as being a massive influence on my life. After just one session with her, I lost over 35lbs and kept it off over the space of four years. Marisa has been helping me to be much better at helping other people too."

- Anna Richardson—Presenter, TV Producer, Writer and Journalist

“Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill. Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill at getting people to change. Ever since she worked with me, my life, and my footballing skills, have changed dramatically, and for the better."

- Jason Roberts—Premier League Football Player

“Marisa Peer is an absolute marvel; she not only changed my life — she actually saved it. Within two weeks of having just one session with her, I stopped smoking and drinking for good and developed a completely different attitude to food. That was 21 years ago. I have never had a cigarette or drink since and I don't want or like unhealthy food anymore despite the fact that I used to devour too much of it."

- Molly Parkin - Writer and Artist

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Your Life as a Therapist Could Look Like This...



"... into a much more beautiful and meaningful one and I'm constantly in awe of how powerful your method is and how many lives I have touched. Everything is different, countless times better and truly heart melting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for transforming my life for the better, I'm forever grateful to you!" — Laura Marin, RTT® Graduate


"It’s given me the gift of not only being able to do what I am absolutely passionate about, healing holistically (and quickly), but it’s offered me the ability to work from home or wherever I choose, as long as I have access to the internet. This spells a whole lot of flexibility and freedom that I intend to take advantage of from now on. My ageing parents are in the UK (I’m in Australia), so I can now pick up my laptop and go and spend time with them while still running my practise.” — Stacey Michelle, RTT® Practitioner


“I now have the life long tools to help myself, to continue to grow into the best me for me and for all I love, share life with and shall meet. I have been able to see, feel, know my purpose in life... Your life changes and feels so aligned.. your family and friends benefit, all around you benefits.. this will without doubt change your life.” -— Jolene Chisholm Bennett Day


"Yay, I get to pay off my loan I took out for it! Thanks to all you amazing trainers and the love you all poured into us!!! And thank you, Marisa Peer for this amazing, LIFE CHANGING work. I have found myself even more grateful because I get to be a part of watching someone’s life change. What a huge blessing! My life helps others live their best life. I couldn’t be more grateful." — Beka Marie, RTT® Practitioner
Discover how they achieved their dreams, and how you can do it too.
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Have Your Questions Ready

I’m thrilled to have this time with you to share all of the successes, challenges, and breakthroughs from my three-decade-long career.

You can submit your questions on the next page, but don’t worry if you think of more—we’ll open up the chat during the webinar, so you’ll be able to post any last-minute questions there.

I can’t wait to share the answers with you.

See you there.

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Sign Up to the Webinar

Join me on Thursday, June 17 at 19:00 BST

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